At Mobile Home Supply we make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with our products and service delivery. With more then 20 years experience we are the market leaders in the manufacturing of mobile and modular structures. We specialise in the manufacture of construction facilities, learning centers, housing “accommodation”, unique building structures, integrated “modular” structures, containers and rental units. Our clients range from construction companies, mining industry, agricultural industry, government and the private sector. We have been involved in large scale projects but we are perfect for small and private projects as well.We do not only manufacture the units we also have the knowledge and experience to do the Ground Works, Civils, Eructation on site, Transportation, Utilities and so much more.With our expertise and product range you can’t go wrong. What makes us different form our competitors is that we appoint a dedicated Consultant to your project who will assist you during your project.Your Consultant will assist you to determine which unit/s will be best suited for your specific need. They will assist you with constructing the perfect layout and document all the relevant requirements.To make sure your requirements are met we request to schedule a meeting at your soonest convenience. Should a meeting not be possible due to distance or any unforeseen difficulties we can arrange a conference call or use Skype facilities at your request.

Our Product Offering